Children- Sunday School is currently suspended until further notice due to recommendations from the CDC regarding the current Covid-19 virus.

Sunday School – Mini Church addition

Well, this is going to be a bit of a strange year for Sunday School at St. Andrew’s.  With COVID-19 still present, we have made the decision to postpone “live” Sunday School for the present time.  The most important thing is for the children and teachers to be safe and at this time, we are unable to guarantee that.  We don’t know what the COVID situation will be during the fall and winter nor do we know when we will have a safe and effective vaccine or a viable treatment for those who become ill with the virus.  We will re-evaluate the situation later in the fall and pray that perhaps we can restart our weekly Sunday School classes in early 2021. 


After Sunday School shut down in March, we missed some key events such as First Communion and Awards Sunday.  No worries as we will be sure to hold all of these important events as soon as it’s safe to do so.  In the fall, we dedicate and distribute the Catechisms and Bibles to our 1st and 3rd graders respectively so we will also reschedule that day when we are able to reopen. 


We will be unable to hold the Christmas pageant this year but we are working on finding a way to showcase the children virtually.  More information will follow after we have had a chance to further develop our plan.


I will also continue to send out weekly activities for the children to do at home.  I am planning to follow the curriculum that we would have used for the fall semester and send out the Bible story for that week so that you can share it with your children.  Then I will match up the activity to that story as best as I can.


Since Sunday School will not be in session, Pastor Dave will be incorporating more children-focused activities into the weekly church service.  As we continue outdoor services during the nice weather and when we finally open up for indoor services, please bring your children to church so that they can participate in what Pastor Dave has to share with them.


Two of our loyal 7th graders completed their Sunday School years in June so will be moving on to confirmation classes.  We wish Paige Haglund and Courtney Banks the best as they continue to grow in their faith with Pastor Dave leading them.  When we are able to resume “live” Sunday School, we will be awarding both Paige and Courtney their award pins and offering our congratulations on a job well done!


Please let me know if you have a child who is 3 years old and has not yet attended St. Andrew’s Sunday School so that I can add them to the roster for the Pre-K class.  If this child is your first to enroll in our Sunday School, please send me your e-mail address so I can add you to the distribution list in order for you to receive the Sunday School e-mail updates.  Likewise, if anyone is new or has not previously enrolled your child/children in our program, please e-mail me so we can add you and welcome you to our group.


Please reach out to me with any questions, suggestions, etc at any time. You can reach me via phone at 914-715-9546 or by e-mail at



Remember to stay safe and wear a mask and we hope to see you all soon!



God Bless, Sue