• Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting is scheduled for February 4 after 10:00 am service.
  • Planning for Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter has begun.
  • Council approved a $266,000 budget for 2018.  Budget will be presented at the Congregational Meeting.
  • Marriage Sunday is scheduled for February 11.



The Youth Group finished out the year with their annual trip to NYC and Christmas Caroling.  Two of our newer Youth Group members joined us for the first time and had a blast wandering the city and seeing the Rockefeller Tree and the musical display outside of Saks.

The Youth Group also went Christmas Caroling at the Haggblom’s.  We had a great time singing with Margy, Janet and Henning.  Feliz Navidad was a big hit for all, and got us all ready for Christmas.  Thank you to Janet and Henning for inviting us into your home.  Also, thank you to Margy for lending your musical talent for the day!

Upcoming Fundraisers for Houston:

 Friday, February 2nd 7:00 pm

Paint & Sip    

Cost $40.00 per person



Sunday, February 11th – Marriage Sunday


After the 10:00 am service

Please stop and support our youth.


February 23 – 25th –  SAVE THE DATE!! 

LYO Junior High Retreat at Koinonia


March 16-18th   –  SAVE THE DATE!!

LYO Senior High Retreat at Koinonia


Any questions regarding Youth Group, please contact


Judy Jakubik


There are 12 youth and 3 adults from St. Andrew’s that are attending next June 26 thru July 2. This will be our third time sending youth to these gatherings and each time we have reached out to our congregation and you have answered.  We are looking to raise the total cost of our airfare of $5,250 to get us there and back. Each mile is costing us $3 and we are hoping that each one of you would buy a couple of miles to help us complete our goal. This is not just limited to our congregation as anyone can donate. Ask your families and friends to help us get to Houston! If you have any questions please see Judy, Ellen or Margy.






On January 19th St. Andrew’s provided a meal for our neighbors at Jan Peek.  Thank you to everyone!

Lynn & Peter Parliman – the Main dish

Sonja & Angelo Letizia – Cold cut platter & Bread

Margy Tillistrand – Veggies

Judy Gordon – Pasta dish

Clare Santora – Desert


Please contact Margaret Hauck if you would like more information about helping out with our monthly Jan Peek Meals.  Thank you!      Margaret: #908-305-2290



February 21st –   Soup & Bread at 6:00 pm

Lenten Service 7:00 pm


February 28th –   Soup & Bread at 6:00 pm

Lenten Service 7:00 pm


March 7th –   Soup & Bread at 6:00 pm

Lenten Service 7:00 pm


March 14th – Soup & Bread at 6:00 pm

Lenten Service 7:00 pm


March 21st – Soup & Bread at 6:00 pm

Lenten Service 7:00 pm


Attention Men & Women (and friends) of St. Andrew’s!

SAVE THE DATE:   Friday, February 2 at 7:00 pm

There will be a PAINT & SIP night to raise money for our trip to the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston. Barbara Beckmann, a local artist, will be here to guide us in the painting aspect while sipping a glass of wine. The cost will be $40 per person and all are welcome. All proceeds will go directly to our Houston trip.  Signup sheet is on the narthex table.

Any questions please contact Judy, Ellen or Margy


SEMI-ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING                                February 4, 2018

Annual Congregational Meeting will be held after the 10:00 service please join us.



February 11, 2018

Any couple celebrating a wedding anniversary, in 5 year increments, this year 2018, is encouraged to join us to reaffirm their wedding vows at the 10:00 am service. 

Marriage Sunday 2018


Name _______________________________________________________________________


Anniversary Date ______________________________________________________________


# of Years ____________________________________________________________________


Phone # _____________________________________________________________________


Email: _______________________________________________________________________

Please return to the Church Office by February 4th.  Thank you.


Elizabeth Carson Dockweiler decided to show up 9 weeks before her due date and grace the world with her presence. Sarah and I have greatly appreciated all the help and babysitting that members of this community of faith have offered. We are blown away! Thank you all so very much. Noah and Finley are getting used to their new sister, now that she is home. She has now been home for about 3 weeks after a long stay in the NICU at Westchester Medical Center. It is beyond wonderful to have all our family under one roof! Thanks be to God! 

SOJ Men’s Winter Retreat at Koinonia February 9th – 11th  

Please see Anthony Forcina or Gary Grossman for details!