The Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting has been set for February 4.

Previewed the 2018 budget.

Contributions and attendance is up approximately 20% since August.

A badly needed new crèche was designed by Pastor Dave and built by several members of the Men’s Group.  Thank you!


The PITCH (Parsonage Improvements Through Congregational Help) campaign was a huge success. Our goal was to raise $10,000 to help pay for major renovations to the parsonage, but we easily surpassed that with the congregation contributing $16,700.  This was great in more ways than one.  In addition to raising the additional $6,700, it made it possible for us to receive a $15,000 matching Congregational Capital Improvement Challenge Grant from our Synod.                                                                                                                                                                                                       So, you might think receiving close to $32,000 would be the best part, but it wasn’t.  The best part of PITCH was the 15 members and 2 pastors who selflessly spent significantly more than 1,000 hours in total working at the parsonage.  This saved the church close to $25,000 and enabled us to undertake many more much needed improvements and upgrades.  A huge thank you to Dennis Alfieri, Linda Bohlk, Linda and Edo Cuniberti,  Greg Ehlke, Mike Epting, Ron Guerra, Sheri and Rob Headley, Dominic Justo, Ken Muller,     Bill Nehmzow, Steve Scalzi, Tony Susi, Don Zaeh, and Pastors Arden and Dave.   I especially want to point out the efforts of three of these members who spent well over 100 hours each.  Steve (who had been coming to St. Andrew’s for only a few months) for painting virtually every square inch of the interior walls and ceilings during late July and early August with no air conditioning;  Dennis, who removed 25 doors, brought them home, painted them, brought them back and re-hung them.  He also wore what looked like a spacesuit to repair the garage floor with Bill; and Ken.  If Ken did not get involved it would not have been possible for Pastor and his family to move in.  He essentially acted as a general contractor, and his expertise and tireless work ethic were integral in completing most of the major projects and identifying problem areas.  Also, our new pastor somehow found the time to build a kitchen island, a kitchen pantry and an entertainment unit. We spent a total of $46,400 as detailed below.  We therefore only needed $14,700 of Memorial funds; lower than the $20,000 maximum amount we were willing to use.

Electrical upgrades and new fixtures    $7,000          Removal of six trees                   3,000

Fence in the backyard                             6,500              Painting, the entire interior       2,000

Vinyl plank floor                                     6,500                New drainage system                 1,500

New oil tank                                            6,000                Wall removal                               1,500

Ductless air conditioner                           4,500              Other                                           1,500

Landscaping; clearing, grading, new grass 3,000       Repair garage floor                    500

Cable railing for stairs/balcony                 3,000


The magnitude of (i) the money we contributed (ii) the time we gave and (iii) the work  we accomplished in such a short period of time, is a testament to the greatness of   St. Andrew’s.                                                                                                                                                                Resource Commission Vice President and Treasurer

 David Hamm

Youth Group

Let’s Decorate!

In December, the youth group had a great time decorating the church with the other members of St. Andrew’s.  For the first time we have decorated outside, and now we light up the night on Rte. 202.

January Events

January 5-7 Confirmation Retreat at Koinonia (8th & 9th grade)

Saturday, January 20 Snow tubing

For more information contact:

Judy Jakubik  


or at 914-584-0721.


Paint & Sip Friday, February 2nd 7:00pm

RSVP by January 21st

We will be having a paint & sip night to raise money for our trip to the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston. Barbara Beckmann, a local artist, will be here to guide us in the painting aspect while sipping a glass of wine. The cost will be $40 per person and all are welcome. All proceeds will go directly to our Houston trip. Look for more information in the December and January Bulletins. Any questions please contact Judy or Ellen



There are 12 youth and 3 adults from St. Andrew’s that are attending next June 26 thru July 2. This will be our third time sending youth to these gatherings and each time we have reached out to our congregation and you have answered.  We are looking to raise the total cost of our airfare of $5,250 to get us there and back. Each mile is costing us $3 and we are hoping that each one of you would buy a couple of miles to help us complete our goal. This is not just limited to our congregation as anyone can donate. Ask your families and friends to help us get to Houston! If you have any questions please see Judy, Ellen or Margy.



The generosity of the congregation of St. Andrew’s! Christmas presents for a family of 5!

This year we sponsored one family consisting of a Father, Mother and 3 children ages 10, 7 and 2. Each family member had their own basket.  Our congregation filled ALL those baskets, to overflowing, with wrapped Christmas presents!    We want to thank the congregation of St. Andrew’s Angels for making the Holiday Season brighter for our sponsored family.



A Warm Success!

The kid’s at PS 246 in the Bronx are ALL bundled up for the winter in donated Coats, Scarves, Mitten’s & Boot’s…. Thanks to the warm hearts of others!  

This year we received donated winter gear from: St. Andrew’s congregation, Cub Scout Pack 164 parents, Montessori School parents and many, more individuals that heard about it and dropped stuff off!   Again, thank you so much for stepping up and helping these kid’s, as you can see from the photos everyone deeply appreciates your generosity.