From Pastor Dave Dockweiler

          We say the words, “you are welcome here” several times every Sunday. We welcome various groups of people, those who think and act like us and those that do not, we say “you are welcome here” because we believe that this is not really our house, this is God’s house and we are simply caretakers of it. As caretakers of this physical building, we are currently raising funds to do just that. I have been so pleased with your response to our request to raise funds so that when the roof leaks, the driveway needs repair, or our AC goes out, we are not left scrambling for funds. I thank all of you for sharing your financial gifts. You work hard to make the money you make, you sacrifice your time you burn both mental and physical energy earning your take home, I honor every penny, dollar and check placed into our offering plate. We have an amazing church, we are doing awesome work-it is because you and I have decided that we love God more than we love stuff.

          During November we will be focusing on getting our financial house in order for the coming year. This may not seem like the most pleasant conversation to have, but just like your personal or family budgets, if we don’t talk about what we have, what we need and where we are headed, things tend to go poorly. In the coming weeks you will receive a letter from me asking you to prayerfully consider how you spend your time, talents and treasures. As part of that conversation with God, I ask you to consider what financial offerings you are and should be making through this church. We are currently behind on our budget for this year. If you have the ability to help, please do so. If you do not have the financial depth, then I ask you to focus on time and talent, which we all have in abundance. We choose the priorities in our lives, please make the health of this church one of yours.

          There are several great things happening in the coming months. Our church will be decked out once again this winter with Christmas lights, Decoration Day is Sunday December 2 after church. I’ll smoke some pork for lunch and well get to work right after worship. Put it on the calendar it will be good fun. Our adult mission trip is forming for our trip to San Lucas Toliman this summer from June 23-28. Our high school students will be heading to Lexington North Carolina the week of July 8th. Those are additional things we are taking on this year. It’s a lot, and we need your prayers. I have made it a priority to pray for our church and for a few members of our congregation each week, I could use your help in this area as well.

          Family of Faith at St Andrews, you are a wonderful people, doing great things for the Lord. Keep up the good work!

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Dave