From Pastor Dave Dockweiler

Spring greetings!

          Winter is finally over, the warm sun has returned and everyone in my family is excited. For us this means exploring new places, firing up the grill and spending a lot of time outdoors. New York continues to wow us.

          Summertime means I’ll be busy at church looking as far down the track as possible. I’ll prepare sermon series and bible studies, gathering with people and doing all I can to set us up for the next year. Now that we have gotten to know each other a bit, it’s time to look forward and wonder together about what God is calling us to become. We need to grow on our strengths and improve our weaknesses, so that we can continue the work that God is doing through us.

          Our council is currently reviewing, considering and praying about our financial future. Our gifted treasurer David Hamm has offered us a draft policy to consider, the “Capital Preservation Policy” hopes to keep us on a strong financial path. Thank you David for caring about the future of this community to help make sure will be able to serve others for many years! From time to time every family needs to consider future plans and honestly review how to make those plans a reality. Your church council deserves our thanks as we look to where God is calling us. It is awesome to be part of such a forward thinking community of faith.

          I will be giving you updates as the conversation continues and welcome you into to it. We all are given a glimpse of the vision of our future, only through conversation can we see the full picture.

          May God bless this church with continued diligence is keeping near the Lord as we are lead.

  See you on Sunday,

Pastor Dave