From Pastor Dave Dockweiler

Last month in my newsletter article I reflected that I feel a new breeze blowing through this place. Saint Andrews is an amazing place, because of the amazing people who stand up, raise up and act as the church today. We have all been invited into God’s work in our world. It’s an awesome opportunity. I believe it now more than ever, God is changing lives in this place. Just the other day a neighbor stopped me on the street to tell me how she appreciated passing our Nativity and Christmas light display every night on her way home from work. We can string up all the lights in the world, but the real light shining in the world is God through YOU. Yes, you read that right, God shows up in the lives of others through you. You are the most important person in our church. This afternoon you could tell someone how you have connected with God because of this church. Maybe tomorrow someone will give you a chance to let them know they really matter, and once upon a time you were in a similar place, and someone helped lift you up. The fancy church word for this work is “evangelism,” sounds scary, but it isn’t. At its core, it is simply about sharing our faith life with others and welcoming them to come and see for themselves.
I have had another cool thing happen to me lately. A couple months ago our gospel reading told us of how Jesus prays for his disciples. I was challenged by this text to pray for you. So, I began praying for a few families each week. I’ll write each one a card to let them know that I am praying for them. It has become a super important part of my week. If I get to Wednesday without writing my prayer cards it feels weird. I like praying now, I have never had this strong of a prayer life. I can’t tell you how many people have thanked me or told me that their difficult week was made just a bit better knowing that they are being lifted up in prayer. It’s taking me a while, I just started the H’s, but I’ll get to you to. Plus, you can always call, I take requests.
We are undertaking two mission trips this summer. Our high school aged young people are headed to Fredrich Maryland, July 14-20. On this trip we will be joining Christian youth groups from across the country to repair the homes of single mothers, elderly folks and differently abled persons. I have lots of experience with the hosting organization and I can assure you this is not one to be missed.
We are putting together a group of adults to head to San Lucas Toliman Guatemala. If you would like to step out in faith and see what God can do with you, give this trip some of your prayer time. I have traveled with people from 14-folks in their early 80’s on this trip. There is something for everyone. Our host in San Lucas is a great Catholic church who has finetuned the ministry of welcoming and hosting volunteers. Dates for this are June 23-28th.
Another thing I need your prayers for is our joint Vacation Bible Study. This summer we are hosting, July 8-12 our church will get invaded by loads of kids from across the Christian spectrum. Vacation Bible School is a joint ministry of Yorktown First Presbyterian, the Yorktown United Methodist Church and our church. These three churches have been working together for a long time and it is a wonderful event.
As you can see, God is up to a lot in this place. We are changing lives, starting with our own. May God Bless us all on this journey together.
See you on Sunday,
Pastor Dave Dockweiler