From Pastor Dave Dockweiler

There is a new breeze blowing through this place. I hope you have felt it. Our church council has begun to find interest in becoming a more attractive church, wondering what the experience of our community is like for first and second time visitors. We have implemented a few changes already. For instance, have you noticed that in worship we now pray for our church? Until I thought about it critically and then looked at our worship plans it never even occurred to me that we prayed for all sorts of good things but rarely asked God’s blessing upon ourselves. We also lift up a few families each week in our prayers, again, this is not hard these are things we should be doing. So now we pray for our congregation and we pray for those within it.
Our leadership is also asking some of the big questions of our community such as, “we do we even exist?” The answer that I shared a few weeks ago is, “to change lives.” This is what Jesus was about, this is what Jesus instructed his original disciples to do, changing lives is what God seems to be all about, wouldn’t it make sense for followers of God to work in the same manner.
“Changing lives by following Jesus Christ.” This explains WHY we are a community, but it doesn’t tell us anything about HOW this happens or WHAT we do. I have found that Saint Andrews excels in three specific ways which make up three Vision statements. These answer the how and what.

1. Through inspiring worship that deepens our connection with God
2. Relevant ongoing education to challenge out understand of God
3. Through meaningful service towards others to change the world.

Changing the world might be a big goal, but in story after story in scripture I meet Jesus doing just that. Sometimes in small ways, like conversing with the Samaritan woman at the well, and other times in huge public ways, like the miracles of feeding the thousands. These events changed lives. Jesus called his disciples from a batch of young people that had failed repeatedly, his calling changed their lives. You are reading this because Jesus has changed my life and I believe that with some thought, you will be able to communicate how Jesus has changed yours. This is what the community of faith is all about.
There is a lot going on in and through this church during this time of year. Within these pages you will find out more about how we go about welcoming change in our lives and joining in the transformative work of God in the lives of others. For all that you do to reflect God’s presence in your life I give you GREAT THANKS, for all the ways that you reflect the goodness of your creator I give God GREAT THANKS and as we come together this holiday season to worship, God among us we join together in giving GREAT THANKS.
I am proud to be your pastor!

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Dave Dockweiler