From Pastor Dave Dockweiler

Something Old; Something New 

          The Lenten Season carries with it a number of accepted rituals, among them, fasting, or the “giving up” of something in order to remind of us Christ’s sacrifice. What people decide to give up for Lent is interesting-mainly because it is often something that they can clearly do without and will certainly take back up on Easter Sunday.  I encourage people to take on a spiritual discipline rather than simply giving up cookies or coffee, call me crazy, but I think 10 minutes of quiet time each day spent in prayer might help our souls more than less cookies. Whatever your Lenten practice I pray that it is feeding your soul and you have found a new way to experience God.

          As I try to engage Lent, I still look forward to Easter. I know that I must immerse myself in the full experience of the Christian journey, which at times might me feeling that God is not near, not paying me much attention and simply feeling lonely. By allowing these bitter moments into my faith practice, I am able to more fully experience the good stuff. Now we notice the dark places in our world, as we await the brilliant light that explodes out of the tomb on Easter. It’s an awesome journey.

          “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

-Soren Kierkegaard. Too often I feel that we forget that God comes to us in the mundane and the normal day to day stuff. I love this quote because it reminds me that sometimes I just need to take a deep breath, calm myself down and quit trying to make something better, cleaner, more organized, etc… Lent remind me of something that is too easy to forget, Jesus is here with us, right now, right here, walking through this life beside us; let us all experience our Lord. Amen

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Dave