From Pastor Dave Dockweiler

          Thank you. Thank you! Throughout this trying season of waiting and watching not only for the coming my Christ, we have also been waiting and preparing for our third child to come home from the hospital. Born nine weeks early she is now doing well, hopefully, she is home by the time you read this! You have been such a supportive church family to Sarah and I and our boys, for the gifts, for the time to do what we need to do, for all the support in the many big and little ways you have shown to us, thank you from every fiber of my being.

          Also by the time you read this Christmas will be behind us along with the advent season of preparing for this time. Now what? Another Christmas has come and gone, the presents were wrapped and unwrapped, food prepared and eaten, for our family of faith Christ has come, now what? Well for starters I suggest we keep this reality in our minds as long as we can, that Christ has come to us, without our planning and Work, without our even asking at times, God has made God’s way into our world. Reminding ourselves of this daily would do us all good. I need to remember that God is somehow with me when I have had enough of driving to the hospital to visit our little baby, I need to remember that God is with me when things are going poorly in my world. I need to remember that there is nowhere I can go where God is not already there.

          On the flip side of things, when things are going very well, I also need to remember that I am not the one actually in charge of things. That life seems to be going along swimmingly is because God has given me ample opportunities and resources to craft my way. This privilege and ability are not universally available to all people. I give thanks to God for what I can do and ask that what I do shines a light on God.

          So what are you doing to do? Now that God has come into our lives once again, the question rests on all of us. I invite you to struggle with this, wonder what God might be asking you to do through your gifts and abilities and passions to further the kingdom coming into the world for all people to see. We are invited to take part in the work that God is doing, what an awesome opportunity!

          Let us continue to show the world that God is here among us, working in and through us for the good of all!

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Dave